The FHBC registration process can be started from this link:

To begin, create a new account here: 

Please read below for a guide on using the new registration system. 

Registration Page 1

STEP 1 – Choose the current season “FHBC Registration Season 2023-24”

STEP 2 – Create a Account Member or select an existing one – under your account, you can manage different account members. You can manage a single individual or many participants of the same family. This is useful for parents/guardians that must register a child they are responsible for or need to manage more than one registrant in their family. You can only register one person at a time; finish the process and pay the fee before registering a new person.

  • IMPORTANT: if you are registering more than one family member, DO NOT use the autofill option on your browser, as it might overwrite all the fields with someone else’s information.
  • Q: What about my FHBC/FHC Number?
    A: Once you have finished creating a Account Member, the system will check if that person had already been registered with FHBC at some point and will recover the FHBC Registration Number. If the person has never been registered with FHBC or if the system cannot find the person in the old database, a new FHBC/FHC Registration Number that starts with “3” will be assigned.
  • Q: How do I find my FHBC/FHC Number?
    A: After you have finished registering, go to your Dashboard and click on “My Account Members” to see the profile of the people registered under your account. Click on “Edit” to access a profile’s information, and the FHBC/FHC Number can be found on the next page, under your personal information.

STEP 3 – Choose your Registration Category under “Division”

  • IMPORTANT: participants may be players and also coaches and/or officials; under these circumstances, participants are required to register in their HIGHEST FEE category.

STEP 4 – Ignore the checked box – it will display $0.00.

Click Continue.

Registration Page 2

Review your registration information. Your FHC/FHBC registration fees will be displayed in the box at the bottom of the page; ignore the “Pricing Details” box.

Insert your credit card information before proceeding with the registration process.

Click Continue.

Registration Page 3

Agree to the FHC Code of Conduct (you may read it by clicking on the PDF link) and sign in the box below the link.

Sign the agreement to the additional Waivers before proceeding.

Registration Page 4

FHC Demographic Survey.

Select Zone “Fraser River” or “Fraser Valley” (depending on where you live), choose the Surrey Sharks FHC [Lower Mainland]” as your primary club and choose “Other” on the bottom of the list as your secondary club.

Please see below for clarification on which league to choose:

Fall 2023-24 Women’s League: Select “Lower Mainland – Vancouver Women’s Field Hockey Association”

Fall 2023-24 Men’s League: Select “Lower Mainland – Vancouver Men’s Field Hockey League”

Fall 2023-24 Women’s League AND Spring 2024 Junior League: Select BOTH “Lower Mainland – Vancouver Women’s Field Hockey Association” AND “Lower Mainland – Greater Vancouver Junior Field Hockey League”


For more information, visit the Step-by-Step Guide at:

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